Avv. Mauro Giovannelli

Avv. Mauro Giovannelli



Professional training and admission to the Law Society

Mauro Giovannelli was awarded a first class honours degree from the University of Florence in 1962. He became a qualified lawyer and joined the Florence Law Society in 1963. He then transferred to the Prato Law Society in 1970, until 2010 when he rejoined the Florence branch. Since 1978, he has also been a member of the High Court Defence Counsel Society. Giovannelli has experience teaching Civil Procedural Law at the University of Florence and is the founding partner of this law firm. He was a member of the Italian-Vatican delegation which contributed to the creation of regulations concerning Church offices and property. As part of the delegation, he was also instrumental in establishing a series of financial commitments from the Italian state to the Holy See, made necessary by the changes to the 1984 pact. He spent many years working as a public sector managing director and bank manager. He also works as a legal consultant for several state-run companies, local authorities, Church offices and private companies. His areas of expertise range from administrative law to ecclesiastical law and civil law.     


Areas of expertise

Administrative law: urban and environmental law; consulting and assistance for the construction industry concerning public tenders and public services; the setting up of public-private partnerships; agreements concerning the implementation of urban projects; expropriation procedures and the drafting of statutes for private and state-run companies.

Civil law in general: contractual law; sales law and insolvency procedures; corporate law; banking law; European Community law; Church law, in particular: areas concerning ecclesiastical offices and property and clerical salaries. He has led cases in all of the High Courts.  



English (graduated from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. 1998-1999)