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Giovannelli MasiCecconi & Associati

Giovannelli MasiCecconi & Associati

is an independent law firm that provides assistance to qualified clients, companies, institutions and Public Administrations, throughout the national territory from its three offices in Florence, Prato and Milan.

Founded in 1963 by Att. Mauro Giovannelli, the Firm has been progressively consolidated over the decades, acquiring numerous and qualified professionals, and, thanks to its current 20 professionals, it has been established as a reference point in the legal landscape.
Almost 60 years of activity have allowed the Firm to develop a deep experience in the management of legal situations, even complex and multidisciplinary ones, both judicial and out-of-court, in the various areas of competence that involve the Firm.

A culture based on founding and shared principles allows all the members of the Firm to operate according to a common mission, whose cornerstones are represented by independence and care for the quality of performance, by a proactive and flexible attention to the needs of our clients, by the timeliness of the answers, all the above in compliance with the values expressed by the Code of Ethics adopted by the Firm.

In order to maintain and improve over time the high standards we set ourselves, the Firm regularly and rigorously selects young talents to be included in its structure, constantly taking care of their training and professional growth.

The Firm aims to keep improving its already well-proven internal organization, updating the digitalization of all management and outward communication processes, in the belief that this will facilitate and improve the quality of professional services rendered.

Every year, the Firm implements a program of activities for the benefit and support of situations of social disvantage or poverty.

Areas of expertise

Administrative Law

Out-of-court and judicial assistance and advice in the various areas of administrative law.

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Civil and contractual Law

Out-of-court and judicial assistance in all fields of civil and contractual law.

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Commercial and corporate Law

Assistance and advice in cross-border operations, also cathering to companies active in the import/export of goods and services to and from foreing Countries.

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Bankruptcy Law

Assistance in the management of all issues related to the business crisis phase in which a company may found itself.

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Tax Law

Services covering all the needs of taxpayers at every stage of the relationship with tax authorities in relation to all types of taxes.

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Law of public services and contracts

Judicial and out-of-court assistance to businesses and public administrations.

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Ecclesiastical Law

Conoscenza dell’ordinamento dei beni e degli enti ecclesiastici nella gestione della protezione e vendita dei propri patrimoni.

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